Welcome to the LVSports.AI Baseball Beta! We are looking for beta testers for our baseball swing AI. In order to access the baseball functionality, please follow these steps:

  1. Install TestFlight from the Apple Appstore (Step 1 above)
  2. Install LVSPorts.AI Beta (Step 2 above)
  • Go to LVSports.AI Settings

    Choose "Settings" sub-menu

  • Change Selected Sport

    Choose "Selected Sport"

  • Enable Baseball-Hitter

    Enable Baseball - Hitter. Pitching, Softball and Tennis are coming soon.

AI Trigger Ready

Swing AI Baseball works similarly to the Golf AI. To prepare, the AI is looking for a setup position indicated by the hands right of the head and above the shoulders similar to the marked red circle.

Screen Recordings

To improve our AI, we request that you send 4-5 swings or 2-3 minute screen recordings while using the Baseball AI.

To enable native iOS screen recording first enable Screen recording on your device "Control Center"

Enable Screen Recording Instructions

Screen Recordings

Easily record your screen while using LVSports.AI Baseball and share it with us to accelerate development of the AI