Monitor Your Swing To Improve Faster

LVSports.AI is an App that automates swing monitoring.

Record, Trim and Playback automatically to stay on target with your progress.

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  • Launch Monitor For Your Swing

    Launch monitors give information on ball flight on every shot. A Swing Monitor does the same for your swing. Swing monitoring providesswing feedback on every shot.

  • Analysis vs. Monitoring

    Swing Analysis is limited to a few swings per session and helpsidentifyswing flaws. Fixing these flaws, requires steady monitoring on a swing-by-swing basis. Monitoring ensures proper learning andprevents reversion to old habits.

  • LVSports.AI Swing Monitor

    Using sophisticated artificial intelligence (A.I.), LVSports.AI tracks every swing. 

    A.I. powered tools provide shot-by-shot instant replay video with focused feedback for your chosen areas of improvement.

  • Mount Your Phone

    For best results mount your phone using LV-Lite or a tripod.

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  • Select Camera

    Select either the Front or Rear Camera. Using the Front camera allows "selfie" monitoring but the main camera will provide higher image quality and better slow motion.

  • Start The App

    Press "Record" to start capture.

    Automatic Recording 
  • "ORANGE" A.I. is Waiting For Golfer

    A.I. is waiting for golfer to get ready.


    • A.I. has found golfer in ball address
    • Single Bell Audio Notification

    LVSports.AI works either front-facing or downline


    • A.I. has sensed and recorded a full golf swing
    • Double Bell Audio Notification
    • Automatic replay available in "Settings"

    Focus Mode automatically slows down playback in selected swing segments to focus on specific parts of your swing.


    • Draw lines and objects on recorded videos
    • Apply lines and objects to live capture for consistent reference

    Swings are organized in folders by sessions.

  • Progress Tracking

    Keep track of total practice time and number of swings.


    Easily share recorded videos to text, email or other platforms

No More Bother

Eliminate the bother of asking others to record your swing. With LVSports.AI swings are triggered automatically based on your full golf swing.

Save Storage with Automatic Trimming

Our Swing AI™ automatically recognizes a full swing sequence and trims the video. LVSports.AI saves your phone storage by automatically removing excess video.

The finished file can also be played back automatically for completely hands free operation.

Fast and Reliable

LVSports AI has the fastest real-time response to catch every swing reliably.

  • 500 ms response from app start to record trigger ready.
  • 98% success rate in swing capture

Focus on Practice

LVSports AI is designed to run completely hands-free so that you can focus on getting better instead thinking about technology. Fully automatic feedback system including:

  • Automatic recording trigger
  • Self-trimming video
  • Instant Replay